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Investment Options

Investment Options

There are different ways to make the required investment in order to qualify for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program. Investors can either deposit the full amount (Full Investment), or Finance the required amount (Financed Investment) from a chartered Canadian bank.

Full Investment

The investor deposits the full amount of CA$ 800,000. No further payment is required.

After five years, CDN $800,000 is returned to the investor with no accrued interest. (The funds are invested in government bonds during the five-year term.)

Financed Investment

The investor pays a reduced amount*, which is used to finance a CA$ 800,000 closed five-year term loan from a chartered bank. No further payment is required. However, the paid amount is not returned to the investor at the end of the five-year period.

This option is particularly attractive for applicants seeking to retain maximum capital for investment in ongoing business operations.

* This amount may change marginally, if the prime lending rates in the national banking system rise or fall in response to changes in the Bank of Canada key interest rate.

Application Fees

Application fees are required to be paid directly to the Quebec government by the applicant. The application fees are CA$ 15,000 for the principal applicant and unlimited number of qualified family members.

The Canadian Federal Authorities will require an application fee of CA$ 1,050 for the main applicant, CA$ 550 for spouse and/or each dependent above the age of 19 and CA$ 150 for each dependent below the age of 19.

Applicants may also incur miscellaneous expenses related to their application such as translation of documents, travelling expenses to attend interviews as requested by the Immigration Authorities, as well as costs related to medical tests and police clearances.

Always refer to the official Canada Immigration and Quebec Immigration websites for up-to-date application fees.


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