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Introduction to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Introduction to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Arton Investments is active with international investors on the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Foreign investors looking to immigrate to Canada have access to various programs designed to help them secure permanent resident visas and the right to live, work and do business anywhere in Canada. Among such programs, the Immigrant Investor Program offered by Arton Investments is one of the most popular.

Created by the provincial government in 1986, Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program is designed to allow business people and their families to enter the province of Quebec as permanent residents on an unconditional basis. In return, funding made available through the program helps provide subsidies in support of Quebec small and medium businesses.

Our associate in this Program is Arton Capital (website) led by Mr. Armand Arton, who is one of Arton Investments’s Executive Vice Presidents. Mr. Arton oversees the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

A program tailored to the needs of investors

The Immigrant Investor Program is a government of Quebec initiative aimed at helping business investors and their families gain entry to Canada by making an investment in the country's economic development and fueling job creation. It is administered by the subsidiary of a Quebec government agency.

Our Investment Advisors who are involved in the Immigrant Investment Program are available to those international investors who move to Canada with their funds or choose to invest funds in Canada pending a move. All the products and services available to Canadian investors are available to international investors, except Canada’s tax deferral registered programs.

In addition to being your gateway to Canada, our Immigrant Investor Program offers you a wide range of advantages. Completely guaranteed by IQ Immigrants Investisseurs Inc., a subsidiary of a Quebec government agency, the business immigration program is one of your best gateways to Canada:

  • An Arton Investments advisor will facilitate your integration and take you through every step of the Program;
  • You can obtain preferential financing for your investment or opt to finance it yourself.

Come explore our Immigrant Investor Program:


Did you know?

Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The capital city is Quebec City, while the largest city is Montreal. It is a French speaking province nicknamed "La Belle Province" because of the diverse landscape and architecture. Its motto "Je me souviens" is French for "I remember".

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