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Advantages for working with us

Advantages for working with us

If you are looking to establish yourself in a new country, it is only natural to seek out a solid partner, especially when it comes to administering your banking affairs. That is where Arton Investments comes in as it has all the necessary expertise to facilitate your integration into your new financial environment.

When you opt to do business with Arton Investments, you can count on the expertise and support of a single intermediary who can give you advice and information and accompany you every step of the way as you integrate into Canadian society.

Capital protection: a top priority

The CA$ 800,000 you commit for a period of five years is invested in a five-year term note issued by IQ Immigrants Investisseurs Inc., the subsidiary of a Quebec government agency, for the full five years.

Because the term note is guaranteed by IQ Immigrants Investisseurs Inc., you can be secure in the knowledge that your capital investment is backed by the Quebec government.

Financing: the most attractive offer

To help you realize your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen and investing in your adopted country, Arton Investments can help you finance your investment through a major financial institution at highly competitive rates. You can then make your investment without tying up all your cash resources, by advancing a financing fee, which depends on prevailing interest rates of the Bank of Canada.

To find out more about the terms and conditions of such financing, we invite you to contact the Immigration Investor Program team at Arton Investments.

Of course, if you prefer to finance the entire investment yourself, you are completely free to do so.


Did you know?

Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The capital city is Quebec City, while the largest city is Montreal. It is a French speaking province nicknamed "La Belle Province" because of the diverse landscape and architecture. Its motto "Je me souviens" is French for "I remember".

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