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Home News Doors are not (completely) closed for Iranian clients

Doors are not (completely) closed for Iranian clients

Doors are not (completely) closed for Iranian clients

Friday, 20 January 2012 12:30

Please read an article published this morning by the CBC related to the temporary suspension of Iranian files under the Immigrant Investor Program.

Although unconfirmed officially, clients who have their funds outside Iran may still be able to apply under the investor category. Furthermore, Iranians residing outside of Iran may also be able to apply. However, most likely funds held in banks in Iran may not be recognized and Canadian banks may not accept funds coming directly from Iran.

The Economic Sanctions should only affect clients who have to transfer funds from Iran, as transactions with Iranian financial institutions are currently frozen due to the sanctions.

More details will follow as new information becomes available. For further update, please contact our office nearest to you.

CBC: Canada to 'strictly' enforce sanctions on Iranian immigrants

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 February 2013 23:41

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